For many, the current “extreme pain to get gain” fitness culture is not working. Why?  Some extreme exercisers are no longer willing to risk injury.  Others, due to age or injury, now need an impact free high intensity workout.   Finally, many deconditioned people who are committed to getting into shape want a highly effective workout, but not if it means extreme pain and injury. 

Studio Fit One group classes have now become the workout of choice for all these people. Classes feature the patented and innovative X3, the only piece of exercise equipment in the world that combines a core ball, cardio bike, and resistance bands.  For the first time in the history of fitness, you get bootcamp benefits without getting beat up - the great gain of core, cardio, strength total fitness and total body transformation without pain. 

  1. High Intensity: The X3 provides 3 - in - 1 core, cardio, strength total fitness and total body transformation.
  2. Total Body: Engages all 620 of your body's muscles to slim and sculpt thighs, hips, gluts, waist, and upper body.
  3. #1 Calorie Burner: World’s first “continuous” high intensity interval training (HIIT) tested to burn more calories than treadmills, ellipticals, indoor cycling, and aerobics … plus 36 hr. calorie after burn.
  1. Fast: All in One core, cardio, strength workout in just 45 min. Impact Free: High intensity workout, but you ride on air without discomfort, impact, or injury.
  2. Impact Free: High intensity workout, but you ride on air without discomfort, impact, or injury
  3. Fun: Dynamic certified instructors lead you through a different stimulating movement every minute, to great music - never boring.
A new era in fitness is dawning at Studio Fit One. Now you can get all the benefits of a bootcamp with none of the drawbacks - great gain without pain!

We believe fitness should be highly effective, fast, fun, and not injure you - a high level fitness community for all, not an elite few. Join Us!
Being a part of it is simple:
  • Come in for a FREE CLASS to check out some amazing upgrades in our studio.
  • When you join your first month is just $10 (a $50 savings!).
  • As a member you can join one of the DJ's teams, but hurry, teams will fill up quickly!
  • The Grand Prize Winner (based on weight loss, inch loss and BMI) will win $500, plus there will be additional prizes.
  • The Winning Team will have a Victory Ride Celebration at Studio Fit One with wine and appetizers.
  • Just click here or call (330) 493-9489 for your free class coupon.