High Intensity - Fast Results
No Pain

For many, the current “extreme pain to get gain” culture is not working. Why? Some extreme exercisers are no longer willing to risk injury. Others, due to age or injury, now need a high intensity workout that’s impact free. And many deconditioned people are looking for a highly effective workout, but not if means extreme pain and injury.

Studio Fit One group classes have now become the workout of choice for all these people. Classes feature the patented and innovative X3, the only piece of exercise equipment in the world that combines a core ball, cardio bike, and resistance bands.  For the first time in the history of fitness, you get high intensity workout benefits - great gain without the pain.

  1. High Intensity: The X3 provides 3 - in - 1 core, cardio, strength total fitness.
  2. Total Body: Engages all 620 of your body's muscles to slim and sculpt thighs, hips, gluts, waist, and upper body.
  3. #1 Calorie Burner: World’s first “continuous” high intensity interval training (HIIT) tested to burn more calories than treadmills, ellipticals, indoor cycling, and aerobics … plus 36 hr. calorie after burn.
  1. Fast: All in One core, cardio, strength workout in just 45 min.
  2. Impact Free: High intensity workout, but you ride on air without discomfort, impact, or injury
  3. Fun: Dynamic certified instructors lead you through a different stimulating movement every minute, to great music - never boring.
A new era in fitness is dawning at Studio Fit One. Now you can get all the benefits of a high intensity workout with none of the drawbacks - FAST RESULTS, NO PAIN!
We believe fitness should be highly effective, fast, fun, and not injure you - a high level fitness community for all, not an elite few.
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Another success story from one of our members! Donna lost 35 lbs. two sizes - does not have to wear orthotic brace anymore for tendinitis - and no more arthritis medication. She says, "I can’t believe the difference Studio Fit One has made for me. It’s a fun place to work and locally owned and operated which is huge in my book. It’s a great whole body workout and many of the instructors have become friends. Having foot issues it was hard to find a workout that didn’t aggravate my situation and this workout actually improved it. Studio Fit One comes highly recommended by me."

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