The Founding Of Studio Fit One:

In terms of fitness equipment...I’ve seen it all.
— Rick Suarez

In 1985, TV/Retail/Home Exercise Industry pioneer Rick Suarez cemented his calling in the wellness industry by founding Fitness Quest - a highly successful fitness marketing company that would later go on to play a role in the explosion of Zumba.

After nine years of vigorous growth and with the company’s health in check, Suarez sold Fitness Quest, citing its success as a reason to focus on his wife and four children - and to pursue other interests, including his call to ministry.

But Rick's lifelong passion for health and fitness never waned, so in April of ‘08, when Aaron Huber (Rick’s ministry assistant) brought Suarez a drawing of a new piece of exercise equipment - a drawing depicting an uttlerly unique fitness equipment device combining a cardio bike, core ball and resistance bands - bells began to ring as Rick blurted with excitement, “This is the greatest piece of exercise equipment I have ever seen - and I‘ve seen them all.”

With barely a nudge from Aaron, Rick agreed to help design, engineer, prototype and patent this new invention, but the more Rick worked on the project, the more intrigued he became with its possibilities.

As a leader in the fitness industry, Suarez already knew that there were five reasons people did not work out - or stay with their best of intentions to do so.

  1. Chief among those reasons were slow results – who wants to work hard and see little benefit?
  2. Next was lack of time; people are so busy – especially these days. Who has the luxury of time for a full body workout? Some people, but not everyone, and a 1 1/2 hour workout, covering the 3 fitness components, was just too much for many people.
  3. Third: No one likes discomfort and injury, and current fitness programs were often geared to such extreme measures. Few people like that kind of hardcore regimen, and Rick believed that the kind of “killer workouts” being endorsed in the industry were also bad for the body, causing injury and wearout from too much impact, overuse and more.
  4. Fourth: Rick knew that people simply get bored with exercise regimens. Yes. Simply too bored to maintain their health.
  5. Fifth: Support. People need support in their efforts. It’s too easy to get off track, even with the best of intentions.

Recognizing that the X3 offered three times the workout of of fitness equipment and addressed the obstacles people faced in sticking with a fitness regimen, Studio Fit One was born – as a means to offer a “More Gain, Less Pain Peak Fitness” program that would provide lasting results and glowing health to people of all fitness levels and ability.