We Offer A Fitness Community Lifestyle

We shared in our mission statement that we believe that total fitness should be highly effective, fast, fun and not injure you -- a fitness community lifestyle, not a passing fad.

To that end, we offer more than just a place to work out. We pledge to offer:

An  Active Sitting Seminar  ®  Session

An Active Sitting Seminar® Session

  • A clean, friendly and supportive environment
  • A fun workout experience in a lively setting
  • Certified trainers with a variety of routines
  • One-on-one or small-group personal training at a per-half-hour rate
  • Healthy in-store food and drink options
  • Helpful newsletters and e-books delivering relevant content of topical interest
  • Our corporate blog - It’s OK to Say...- featuring down-to-earth content delivered with a humorous touch
  • Social Media that delivers tips, tricks, motivation, inspiration and education
  • Special events and community outreach

And a Studio Fit One exclusive:

  • Active Sitting Seminars®

About Our Active Sitting Seminars®

Active Sitting Seminars® were developed by Studio Fit One founder Rick Suarez after reading widely dispersed research indicating that prolonged sitting ranks among the top four lifestyle factors affecting health and mortality rates.

A true innovation in education, Active Sitting Seminars® take place in the studio, where attendees from Studio Fit One and the larger community energetically engage in a lively seminar presentation as they ride the Fit One X3. These events feature a variety of speakers delivering on a number of topics related to health and wellness education and have been warmly received by those in attendance.

Seminars typically close with a question-and-answer period and oftentimes feature takeaways, like handouts and food samples.

Attending our Active Sitting Seminars® is a great way to meet like-minded people, to get firsthand knowledge from local experts and to enjoy an active, fun-filled event.