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About the X3

The innovative and patented X3 combines three proven exercises - cardio bike, core ball and resistance tubing – to create a single supermachine for a superior workout that provides Perfect 10 Fitness!

A Superior Workout - Perfect 10 Fitness

X3 Benefits

Perfect 10 Fitness

1. Core: *Providing 347% more core muscle activity than a stationary bike, your entire core will be strengthened for better breathing, balance, posture and lower back health - not to mention flatter abs and a slimmer waistline.

2. Cardio: The cardio bike combined with the core ball and resistance bands engages all 620 of your body’s muscles for a peak cardio workout. *You’ll burn 22% more calories than indoor cycling (which focuses almost exclusively on legs).

3. Strength: The X3 offers significant, highly effective resistance training. With both front and back resistance bands (light, medium and heavy),you’ll strengthen and tone your entire body.

4. Weight Loss: The X3 workout has been tested as the #1 calorie burning workout, significantly topping its competitors (treadmill, aerobics, indoor cycling and elliptical). The average caloric burn is 500 calories – as high as 800 calories – in a single 45-minute session. And you will continue to burn more calories for 36 hours after your class.

Comparison Test of 45-Minute Workouts

X3 offers 3 times the workout - Core, Cardio & Strength - in only 45 minutes

5. Lean Muscle: You’ll convert fat to lean muscle for a sculpted and defined body.

6. Faster Metabolism: As you burn off fat and increase lean muscle, your metabolism will speed up. Because muscle burns more calories than fat, even in a resting state, you will burn more calories.

7. Balance: As you balance on the X3, you’ll notice better postural alignment, improved athletic skill and better general coordination.

8. Coordination: Multi-tasking exercise movements (i.e., cycling while engaging in diverse exercises) on the X3 while also balancing on the core ball provides a peerless conduit for the development of coordination – necessary for meeting everyday physical demands.

9. Flexibility: Improving your flexibility enhances performance, reduces and releases tensions as well as reduces the risk of injury during exercise and throughout daily activites.

10. Mental Agility: Rather than watching a TV on a piece of cardio equipment in a gym, your mind is exercised along with your body at Studio Fit One. As you pedal, move on the core ball, and do different band exercises all at the same time, your mind is working which will produce improved mental agility and clarity.