About the Fit One X3

The innovative and patented Fit One X3 Ballbike combines three proven exercises - cardio bike, core ball and resistance tubing – to create a single supermachine for a superior workout that is strong in seven ways.

A Superior Workout - Strong in 12 Ways

X3 Benefits

12 Benefits of X3'ing

Core: *Providing 347% more core muscle activity than a stationary bike, your entire core will be strengthened for better breathing, balance, posture, and lower back health. Not to mention flat abs and a slimmer waistline.

Cardio: The cardio bike combined with the core ball and resistance bands engages all 620 of your body’s muscles for a peak cardio workout. *You’ll burn 22% more calories than indoor cycling (which focuses almost exclusively on legs).

Flexibility: Improving your flexibility enhances performance, reduces and releases tensions - as well as reduces the risk of injury during exercise and throughout daily activites.

Balance: As you learn to balance properly on the X3, you’ll get better postural alignment. As we age, maintaining great balance becomes especially important in walking, climbing stairs and getting on with life’s most basic demands.

Comparison Test of 45-Minute Workouts

Fit One X3 offers 3times the workout - Core, Cardio & Strength - in only 45 minutes

Strength: With both front and back resistance bands, you'll strengthen and tone your entire body.

Coordination: Coordination works with balance in achieving successful outcomes both on the ball and in life.

Mental Clarity: Exercise boosts serotonin levels (fights depression), relieves stress and anxiety, slows age-related decline, improves oxygen levels in the brain.

High Calorie Burn: The Fit One x3 workout has been tested as the #1 calorie-burning workout in a university study, topping its competitors (treadmill, aerobics, spinning and elliptical) significantly. [See chart at left.) General caloric burn is dependent upon exertion level, but users have reported up to 1200 calories in a single 45-minute session.

Rapid Results: Slim and tone your total body quickly and safely while improving your health and fitness levels.

Support: We're not just a community of people who care about your total wellbeing - we offer breakthough concepts, like our ACTIVE SITTING SEMINARS, where you'll learn about topics of interest, have a great time with members and enjoy a workout at the same time.

Easy on the Body: One reason we are the workout of choice for everyone from world-class athletes to those whose activities have been hampered due to injury or physical conditions is because the X3 workout offers little to no impact, making a high intensity workout accessible to those who thought a HI-IT (high intensity interval training) workout was out of reach.

Fun: Not only does the X3 workout offer a different stimulating movement every minute, our instructors help keep the workout fun and full of their lively personalities.