“I don’t do this often but I wanted to let you all in on a little secret. I have been working out at Studio Fit One. It’s a crazy cycle class where you sit on a stability ball, cycle and use resistance bands for your arms. To date I have lost 20 lbs. and 25 inches off of this body of mine. If you’re looking for a great all over workout I can’t recommend this place enough. 
— Tiffany

I’m approaching sixty and I didn’t want to look like an older school teacher. My arms and core did not have a lot of definition, and I was 20 pounds overweight.
I have lost 20 pounds, and my core is smaller, stronger, defined. As for my arms, I literally have guns! I can’t wait to wear sleeveless tops and a bathing suit this summer. I am so proud of my new body!
— Carol

The workouts are fun and fast. Notice I didn’t say “easy,” but you can tailor them to your abilities - increasing or decreasing the challenges as you see fit (no pun intended). Not once have I been sore - tired most definitely - but never sore. Now, seven months later and 38 pounds lighter, there is no turning back, and after several months I lost a total of 60 pounds. I can’t imagine not going. Not only are the workouts fantastic, but the staff is friendly and inviting, too. Try it: You won’t be sorry.
— Jeff

“I have worked out for 34 years of my life, for a minimum of 4 – 6 times a week. It is a way of life for me. Six months ago, I decided to look for a place closer to my home for me to work out. I found Studio Fit One on the internet and went for the one time free class that was offered. I have NEVER been happier in my life working out!!!!! From the very first day, the instructors and the people working there were awesome! They are ALL friendly, and the workouts are always a challenge and fun! I look forward to going everyday! I LOVE STUDIO FIT ONE – and I hope it is always there for me! It’s the BEST!!!!!”
— Yvonne

“I have been a spinning instructor for eight years and I teach multiple classes per week, yet I still had an issue with my weight. When I started teaching two X3 group exercise classes a week I began to lose weight. My Polar wrist monitor indicated that I burn 500 – 600 calories per hour with indoor cycling, but I burn 650 – 700 calories in just 45 minutes with the X3. My waist, glutes, and upper body were shaped and toned and my posture has improved. Our X3 classes are booked three weeks in advance and some people drive 45 min. to attend. I tell people, just try one class and you’ll be hooked!”
— Shana Newton / Manager Tone Fitness – Medina, OH

“Last November I stepped into Studio Fit One at Washington Square in North Canton for the first time and I have been faithfully going ever since! There has never been a time in my adult life that I have not participated in some type of physical exercise. I can tell you that this has been my favorite!! No other rement has focused so well on cardio, strength and core with such obvious results and at the same time so easy on my joints. I love the fact that I have so many choices of class times seven days a week. If I can’t make an early class, there is always another time available in the evening. all of the trainers are wonderful and each brings their own style and challenges! I encourage everyone to just give it a shot…I know they will love it!”
— Susie Foradas

“This weekend I participated in my first X3 class. For around two years I have been taking spinning classes at least once a week. I decided to try a X3 class to get a new perspective on spinning and to try a different kind of workout equipment.

In comparison to a spinning class on a spin bike, I would prefer the X3 over a spin bike any day of the week. When sitting on the X3, I did not have any kind of pain in my hips because I was sitting on the soft squishy surface of an exercise ball. During the X3 class I was so busy doing a different kind of movement every minute or so that I never had time to get bored during my workout.

Not only did the X3 work my legs and abs, it also worked my arms as well, due to the extra equipment that X3 has in comparison to a spin bike. On the spin bike I received a lot of pain in my back and neck as well as my hips. On the X3 I felt none of this pain, I was completely comfortable during my entire workout and the X3 really adjusts in order to suit each individual person’s workout needs.

Adjusting the resistance on a X3 was much simpler than a spin bike, on the X3 the resistance levels are numbered and each time I moved the resistance I could tell exactly what number I was on and how hard I should be working. On a spin bike, I would move the resistance nob never knowing what level of resistance I was on and if I was turning the nob as much as I should. During the X3 workout not only did I have to move my legs with the pedals but I also had to balance on an exercise ball the entire time. Having the balance on the exercise ball while also moving my legs required a lot of strength, thus providing a harder workout that not only worked my legs but also my abs the entire time. Adding in arm workouts while also balancing on the exercise ball and moving my legs to some resistance really took the workout to the next level. I could have never received this kind of full body workout on a spin bike.

The X3 has so many possibilities and it makes working out fun, enjoyable and painless. I would recommend the X3 over a spin bike and I will continue to attend X3 classes to help improve my fitness.”
— Rachel Horton