What to Expect in Your First Class

Keep in mind that is completely normal and natural to feel uncomfortable and uncoordinated during your first few classes - or even weeks. The more you come to class, the stronger and more balanced you will become. Your coordination and confidence will follow!

Before Your First Class:

We ask that you please arrive 30 minutes early prior to your first class. We'll help you check in, and then we'll give you an introduction to our X3 classes, fit you with a heart rate monitor, show you how to adjust the bike, answer your questions and make you feel welcomed as you begin!

You'll also need time to:

  • change your shoes
  • prep your energy drinks and water bottles
  • put personal belongings in a locker or bin (you may also keep them next to you in the exercise room)

During Class:
This is a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout. Your instructor will guide you, but keep the following in mind:

  • Go at your own pace utilizing POLAR along with your target heart rate zones and common sense
  • Never strain or stress your body
  • Keep a resistance level suitable for your individual fitness ability
  • Hydrate during slower moments
  • Remember that it's better to perform fewer repetitions correctly than to do all of them with improper form
  • At the end of class, your instructor will guide you through a few minutes of cooling down and stretching. Feel free to continue stretching as needed.

After Class:
Your instructor will take a few minutes with you after class to review your experience. He or she will also explain our program and be available to answer your questions.